The Comic Collection

The comic collection is an alliance of handpicked wanderers who embarked on a mission to uncover the guarded secrets of the infamous Ash Hole Cigar Club. A society that holds the keys to higher levels of knowledge, accessible only through trust, honor, and respect.

Legends spoke of the powers held by this exclusive group. The chosen ones who were initiated into the Ash Hole Cigar Club were said to transcend their limitations, becoming extraordinary with unparalleled abilities. 

Yet they knew that finding the light would not be easy; the secrets they sought were shrouded in mystery, hidden from prying eyes. Along the path, they encountered trials that tested their resolve. The universe seemed to conspire against them, throwing obstacles in their way, but they pressed on.

The Alliance was introduced to the club's rituals. They deciphered cryptic symbols that would lead them to the light. The authenticity of their journey was welcomed into the heart of the club's inner sanctum; they stood before the revered custodians of its wisdom. They were taught that higher levels of knowledge embody trust, honor, and respect. With these powers, knowledge, and commitment, they were ready to take on any life form that had tried everything in its power to dismantle Ash Hole Cigar Club.


2 Ton Tony, a desperate villain, a giant of a man with a penchant for cigars, often enveloped in a cloud of smoke as he plotted his malevolent schemes.

He underestimated the Alliance, and as he attempted to overthrow them and claim the light for himself, he was met with resolute resistance from the last individual he thought would attempt to stop him.

Nepazia encountered 2 Ton Tony, and the clash between light and darkness unfolded within the sanctum.
His delusions were shattered, and he was banished leaving behind only the lingering scent of his cigar smoke.
Nepazia and the custodians remained the steadfast guardians of the secrets, ensuring their preservation and sharing them only with those who embodied the principles of the Ash Hole Cigar Club.

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